Drawing Near (2020) investigates contrasting Taiwanese identities through a multidisciplinary visual arts practice. The project documents artist Chin-Jie Melodie Liu’s journey of understanding her own identity as a Taiwanese woman of mixed heritage (of waisheng 外省 and bensheng 本省) through reinterpreting objects and photographs. In examining archival material, Liu further seeks to reveal the layered narratives that co-exist in contemporary Taiwanese society.

The project is currently exhibited at the Australian Centre on China in the World.

Exhibition dates

18 February—26 March 2021

Opening times

Weekdays 9 am—5 pm
Saturday 27 February 10 am—3 pm
Saturday 13 March 10 am—3 pm

Guided tours
Friday 19 February 11—11:30 pm
Saturday 27 February 2—2:30 pm
Saturday 13 March 2—2:30 pm

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Find the exhibition catalogue here.

Chin-Jie Melodie Liu 劉沁潔

Chin-Jie Melodie Liu is an emerging Taiwanese artist based in Canberra, Australia. In 2020, Liu completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours under Printmedia & Drawing at the Australian National University (ANU). Liu is currently pursuing a Master of Museum and Heritage Studies at the ANU.

Liu is the recipient of the 2020 ANU School of Art & Design Emerging Arts Support Scheme (EASS) Patrons Honours Scholarship, Megalo Print Studio & Gallery Residency Award, Country to Coast Residency and Exhibition Award, Gallery of Small Things Exhibition Award, and the Gray Smith and Joan Scott Prize. 

Through the ANU School of Art & Design exchange program, Liu studied at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris, France, and was the recipient of the 2019 Westende Travel Grant.

Liu also holds a Bachelor of Arts from the ANU with a major in French Culture and Language and minor in International Relations.